Unique and exclusive like you


The art of crafting made-to-measure men’s garments, such as shirts and suits, has a rich history rooted in our family’s tailoring tradition dating back to the late 1800s. This approach involves creating specific clothing items for an individual based on their unique measurements and preferences

The listening

The first phase is that of listening. Understanding the taste and requirements of the client is crucial before starting our work, which involves simultaneously taking measurements and finding the fabric that best suits their requests. Dialogue is therefore the true essence of the made-to-measure process.

The tailor

While the image consultant continues their search for fabrics and buttons, has started to develop and create a customized pattern for the client. The next phase will involve preparing the materials and cutting the garment.

Hand made

Each garment is personally hand-cut and basted. Harmony takes shape through the skill of our tailors, who expertly shape every jacket, shirt, and pair of trousers with light and precise stitching. This artisanal attention reflects our commitment to providing timeless elegance and impeccable fit.


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