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my SELF "Mario"

I was lucky enough to be born in Italy, where beauty and art are everywhere you turn. Growing up in a family that had kept the ancient art of Neapolitan tailoring since the late 1800s, I was encouraged to travel and compare myself with the different cultures of the world. The many weekends spent in Paris, the summer holidays between the south of France and the United States of America, but above all the privilege of being able to attend a surprising country like Japan have stimulated my creativity and opened my mind allowing me to wander with entrepreneurial spirit not only in fashion but also in sectors such as marketing and art.

The latter has always been my true passion which often merged with the family business (fashion), as some of the subjects were used to make scarves, foulards and pocket squares, so often my paintings also traveled to be exhibited on display in Japan (Tokyo), Northern Europe (Brussels) and the USA (Miami), yet in the past, before Covid19 changed our lives, I was too jealous of my paintings and never wanted to sell them.

In 2020, everything changed globally. Not being able to travel I had more time for myself in a new world, silent and slowed down. Spending my days designing new fabrics and models of jackets and shirts, I also started experimenting with new techniques of painting on canvas, coming to work on new subjects and new techniques of applying color. These innovations actually pushed me to share my Spartan pictorial art with the rest of the world through social media. Thus was born the MARio project where lifestyle, luxury, fashion, art and collecting are presented all together in a single container, that is the website you are visiting.

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