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I don't even remember when I started painting, but I remember exactly that day when my father came home from work watching me draw and asking me: could you draw it on a fabric? I was a child and I didn't understand the request but it intrigued me, so my father gave me a pajamas that came out of production that day and I drew on them. Weeks later even though it didn't have much to do with my first design, now that it had been perfected by graphics professionals, I saw the first pajamas come out of production with huge designs on the front. I felt I had contributed to that work and maybe it was a little bit true.

Since then my drawings have accompanied me in my growth and in my travels. I didn't like to write what happened, but I preferred to draw what I saw. Even today my mother finds in some box some of my drawings to which I admit I have never particularly cared.

My approach to painting was quite different. Immediately and without having ever used it before, I chose the oil. I think what I had read determined my choice, The resulting materiality, the softness and the possibility of mixing and remixing the color for a long time leading to the desired shade captured my attention. For years I have never looked for a trend or a character. I painted whatever I thought I would like when it was finished.

Recently after having appreciated the shine of the acrylic spray I started to add it in my paintings, mixing the noble oil color with the symbol of the Street Artist, the spray. Thus was born a series of paintings entitled "Born Again" where I found the two arts with familiar subjects as one of the most famous characters to come out of the pen of Charles Dickens, and which represents for a long time luxury and power.