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Men's Collection

It is heralded as a premium leading brand in design and craftsmanship of men's jackets and shirts. As one of the most successful brands in japan in last years.
Often associated at iconic fashion garments like the "CapriShirt" and the "ShirtJacket". The latter, the real lightest jacket in the world without lining and construction, very appreciate in Asia.
The collection offers a contemporary and sophisticated style with a part of sportswear for leisure and holidays.

The man who chooses “Mario Muscariello Napoli” is young at heart regardless of its true age. is a person who likes to keep in shape and appear in public, who often travels and plays a dynamic role in modern society. A person of taste who likes to dress without being confused between the mass. A man that when traveling, it needs unique garments that fit between them so as to minimize the size of his luggage, but which at the same time give the possibility to be combined together in order to create different fit for different circumstances. The mission of Mario and designers who work with him, is based on the requirements described above. From this mission born the concept “YOUR TIME LIFE” who is in line with the contemporary and innovative lifestyle by Mario. 


Bold colors and continuous research of materials combined with a fanatical attention to production details make each piece exceptional. The exclusive prints characterize the informal shirts, as well as the choice of sophisticated fabrics make for our jackets. The spring summer collection captures the very essence of the brand, through the garments made linen fabrics that confirm their origin to a hot and seductive country which is the Italy. Several hand-seams are visible on each product to demonstrate the artisan production. Luxury raw materials such as mother of pearl buttons give the real added value to your choice.


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The COMFY jacket collection

When I was a child, someone invited me to have no limits to the imagination.

Growing up I had to deal with reality, especially when I was to choice of fabrics for the collections.

Reality that changed when I have known digital printing on fabric. Since then, to create my collections I close my eyes and I open my mind no limit to my imagination. For this reason, each design, check or stripe is exclusively printed only for me.

Also, using this technique there is no minimum of production, which means that 100% of the orders will be delivered and also wanting restocked in same season. COMFY means confortable but also contemporary, because confort and fashion needs to go ahead together but whitout forget good taste and tailoring tradition.

Body Fit adapted country by country, but only one recognizable style as the hallmark of a handwriting of the past.

Exclusive details handmadede, like the masterful buttonholes or the nobles authentic mother of pearl buttons thaity sewn by hand.




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