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Giuseppe Muscariello was just 18 years old when he began his business in Napoli. This city is famous for different reason worldwide, but particularly for his shirts and suits. Giuseppe's grandmother, Anna was a popular shirtmaker in the city since end of 1800. His tailoring techniques have been transferred from generation to generation until ro arrive today. Techniques made of precise and slow movements. Rules to respect and very passion for reach to perfection. At that time, the apprentice spent the first year just watching it without ever picking up a needle and thread it. The tailoring heritage of family was transferred as a precious family seal, before to the daughters Giuseppina and Enza and then to the nephew Giuseppe who using his innate ability to do business, in 1964 has established CAMICERIA ROLLER S.r.l.


By the beginning of 1997s, Mario enter to work in the company as fashion designer. He has created the CapriShirt very popular in Japan, but also the ShirtJacket. Year by year, he has introduced several new until to arrive to have an internal jacket production. It was 2007. In 2013, Mario and Joseph with the approach of the 50th year of preparing for a new challenge, working on the creation of the first man signed Muscariello total look. Unfortunately, Joseph, whom he never met in the shops, but the SS2015 collection is a success and the company expands its horizons overlooking a new markets. Now, Mario is driving alone with his family and employees the company of family, which originally came with the shirt in Naples has evolved into tailored jacket.




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