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It was the end of the 1800, when  Giuseppe Muscariello's grandmother Anna Battinelli learns from the most prestigious Neapolitan tailors the noble art of making a man's shirt. Art made of precise and slow movements and rules to be passed down to future generations. At that time, the first year was spent just watching it without ever picking up a needle and thread it. So the heritage was transferred as a precious family seal, before to the daughters Giuseppina and Enza and then to the nephew Giuseppe who using his innate ability to do business, founded in 1964 CAMICERIA ROLLER S.r.l. At the beginning, it was a laboratory for custom shirts and in less than 10 years expanded its production to ten thousands shirts for year.


In 1997, specialized in the production of handmade men’s shirts, with the official entry of Mario Muscariello as fashion’s stylist, the company begins a period of research and innovation in the production process by applying new techniques to work and using new modern fabrics. The continue research has arrived to the point of making new garments like the jackets. Today our brand offers a total collection for men, including accessories. Mario's core business consists in jacket and shirt for men. Always in search of innovation compatible with long Neapolitan tailoring tradition, in 2007, the fabrics for the shirts are printed and the garments are pre-washed.


The philosophy of Mario Muscariello is based on the concept "CONTEMPORARY TRADITION", where the combination of quality and comfort, innovation and tradition meet and become a modern style for every occasion. Mario Muscariello's man is naturally elegant and casual just like in real life, where each of us, one day wears a handmade suit and tie and the other day wears blue jeans and simple white shirt. A contemporary man that with an eye to the future never forgets his past, that is always searching for his own style with an eye to innovation but never forgets the tradition. Starting from this concept, Mario Muscariello does not separate the sartorial items from the machine-made items, but mixes them together, creating a unique and sophisticated style.


Since 2010, the company exports the 100% of his hand-made production in Northern Europe, the North America, but expecially in Asia. The main market is Japan, where our products are distributed in department stores like: Isetan, Barneys, Estnation, Beams. The next step of the project "TOTAL COLLECTION by Mario Muscariello" plans to strengthen the presence of the brand in Europe, but also to expand into other new countries like the middle east, thanks to new collaboration with agents and distributors.

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