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To summarize in one word, that word would be "inaccessible! In fact, this word does not exist, because there are few things that you can buy in the world, but surely there are some who for their good qualities and exclusivity is worth investing time and money. In fact, the problem is on the commercial value of a product, but also the time for its implementation, which translates definitely add value.In this spirit, the black label Mario Muscariello Sartria is sewn exclusively by hand only on dresses, jackets and shirts made to measure for those who consider our VIP Precisely because these, for each one of them have been designed with exceptional service and benefits that highlight the status, as of the delivery all over the world to finish the maintenance life of the garment sewn by hand to order


It takes 25 to 30 hours of manual labor to make one dress, but before you do you need to bathe and prepare the fabric and linings. The modern and contemporary style of Mario Muscariello is highlighted even more in this limited production, where the total hand stitching are also evident most inexperienced eye. We use best materials more 1 are used for manufacture each items. The buttons of mother pearl are sewn on using a special technique that creates a three millimetre “stem” to leave the button slightly detached from the fabric and enable greater ease when fastening. Each suit or jacket is cut and basted by hand to meticulously enhance each detail to achieve the excellence



With this brand is like stepping into a club for a select few, where the customer does not just buy a product that I gladly will use in his daily life, but will instead be the consecration of their lifestyle. Mario, when he thought of this service has created some of the advantages that it is customary to receive with the purchase of a luxury car or a fine watch and decided to offer them to their selected clients. The only way to buy a garment with this label is by appointment only during the trunk show around the world or by going to the our headquarter of San Giorgio a Cremano where is located our company. The model and the details of his will be chosen from a samples and suggested by Mario or one of its tailors.



Discover the world of Mario Muscariello Sartoria and book your appointment now and experience the pleasure of a suit and shirt made to measure just for you


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