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Founded as Camiceria Roller S.r.l. who has produced for 50 years shirts and jackets sewn by hand, with the evolution of the market changes its name in 2014 in M.I.L.S. s.r.l. M.I.L.S. s.r.l. is a family business that still remains true to the ideals of its founder Giuseppe Muscariello. All our efforts converge on the attainment of utmost quality. every step of the way, from selection of the finest raw materials to development of innovative customer relations. Giuseppe Muscariello always took a concrete interest in the welfare of his company. And his sense of responsibility endures as a basic principle of our family nowadays. Inspired by the father's legacy, Mario is carrying on the original work with an modern conception. More than 95 percent of the company's sales is achieved outside of Italy, primarily through selected boutique and luxury department stores. Asia and Europe are the company's largest market, at 75 percent of sales, followed by North America.


The company forecast to expand his business in China, one of the group's fastest-growing markets. To reach this target the company aims on luxury and on style of "Mario Muscariello Sartoria". M.I.L.S., acronym of Muscariello Industrie Lusso Sartoriale is totally controlled by his family Since 2000, the company manufactures and distributes a unique brand with 2 different labels. The label "Mario Muscariello Naples" is the ready to wear collections and is positioned on the pyramid of market segment as "premium" because easily accessible through the regular network selling traditional and online. The black label "Mario Muscariello Sartoria" represents the true essence of the full "absolute luxury". The garments can be exclusively purchased made-to-measure and each of them is unique. The first brand is positioned on the pyramid of market segment in the premium as easily accessible through the regular network selling traditional and online, while the second "Mario Muscariello Sartoria" represents the absolute luxury.


The company has its own office of style and own production line for samples, and also for jackets and shirt of the exclusive "black label MARIO MUSCARIELLO SARTORIA". Master artisans are the soul of our workers staff. They have decades of experience in the field of tailoring. External partners with recognized professional and commercial reliability to complement our organization are the production power of the company. The 100% of the production is hand made in Italy.



The company invest in the training of new young workers with the aim of lowering the average age of their tailors to 30 years old, to ensure that the sartorial tradition can have a future. The shirt's department is managed from Mario's mother (Chiara), strong of his experience 58 work years as shirtmaker. The production in 2013 has been split following products as a percentage of 50% Jackets, Shirts 40% and 10% garments and accessory.



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